April Fine Arts Student Spotlight - VISUAL ARTS





Amaya-che' Gallion

OCHS - Junior


Fine Arts Program & Focus:

Visual Arts - Painting






What does your art mean to you?

"Art' is such a diverse medium that fits anyone and everyone. Art for me, is a way to express myself or a certain topic. People may find something more in the art I make rather than the words I speak. If there is a message that I am trying to convey in an art piece and someone gets a different meaning out of that; I would be pleased at the reaction rather than the art itself."


Favorite opportunity given by participating in your arts program:

"I really enjoyed just being among different types of artists with different backgrounds. I had chances to work with people younger than me and older than me. I found it really interesting and inspiring how people express themselves and interpret something from their brains or in person."


Post graduation plans:

"I plan to go into college for Fine Arts and after that, Childhood development and Psychology."



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