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Recently, the OCHS band students submitted online auditions for the 2021 District XIII Honor Band. This year, OCHS had 44 students that were selected to be a part of the Honor Band. Usually, these students would get together with the other students from across our district over a weekend to collaborate, and then they end the weekend with a concert for their families and communities. As with everything else, the Coronavirus has put a damper on this years normal events, however, it does not take away form these students AMAZING accomplishments. Additionally, 11 of these students have earned an All-State audition based on their scores! Our Fine Arts students continue to meet the challenges faced by the restrictions of COVID-19 head-on and continue to excel in their arts!

Please help us congratulate the following students. If you know them, or see them, please give them a heartfelt congratulations for their perseverance, determination, and accomplishments!

*Denotes students who also earned an All-State audition.



Linzey Herndon - 1st chair concert band 



Autumn Morgante - 3rd chair symphonic band 

Emma Harlan - 2nd chair concert band 



*Terri Jones - 7th chair symphonic band

Brody Collier - 16th chair symphonic band

Lauren Basala - 18th chair symphonic band 

Nathaniel Johnson - 6th chair concert band 

Kayla Crawford - 10th chair concert band 

Ethan Hall - 11th chair concert band 

Seth Duncan - 12th chair concert band 


Bass Clarinet

*Shane Lillard - 1st chair symphonic band


Alto Saxophone

*Peyton Courtney - 1st chair symphonic band

Natalie Bullock - 3rd chair symphonic band 


Tenor Saxophone

Johnathan Leitz - 2nd chair concert band 


Bari Saxophone

*Kai Callahan - 1st chair symphonic band

Lucius Rivera - 2nd chair concert band 



Ainsley Simmons - 8th chair symphonic band 

Lucy Babcock - 10th chair symphonic band 

Billy Wright - 1st chair concert band 

Maggie Thomas - 4th chair concert band 

Angelina Smith - 6th chair concert band

Riley Truong - 8th chair concert band 


French Horn

*Hailee Perdue - 2nd chair symphonic band

*Stephen Manchee - 3rd chair symphonic band

*Jasmine Hunsberger - 5th chair symphonic band

Zach Ernst - 8th chair symphonic band 



*Maggie Russell - 2nd chair symphonic band

Tyler Saunders - 5th chair symphonic band 

Landon Williams - 3rd chair concert band 

Will Markey - 4th chair concert band 

Virginia McGlothlin - 5th chair concert band 



Jasmine Humphries - 3rd chair symphonic band 

Brennan Hall - 4th chair symphonic band 

Jason Escobar - 1st chair concert band 

Christian Grooms - 3rd chair concert band 



*Dominic Ramos - 3rd chair symphonic band

Jonah Medas - 1st chair concert band 



*Aiden Koehler - 1st chair symphonic band

Elly Newman - 4th chair symphonic band 

*Ainsley Boyd - 5th chair symphonic band

Evan Grayson - 6th chair symphonic band 

Travis Williams - 4th chair concert band 

John Mason Vines - 7th chair concert band 

Bobby Russell - 8th chair concert band



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