The May 13, 2021 Spring Concert can be viewed at starts at 6:00 PM!


Please join us for some amazing music and see how hard our students have continued to work this year in spite of all of the obstacles they have faced!



April Fine Arts Student Spotlight - VISUAL ARTS





Amaya-che' Gallion

OCHS - Junior


Fine Arts Program & Focus:

Visual Arts - Painting






What does your art mean to you?

"Art' is such a diverse medium that fits anyone and everyone. Art for me, is a way to express myself or a certain topic. People may find something more in the art I make rather than the words I speak. If there is a message that I am trying to convey in an art piece and someone gets a different meaning out of that; I would be pleased at the reaction rather than the art itself."


Favorite opportunity given by participating in your arts program:

"I really enjoyed just being among different types of artists with different backgrounds. I had chances to work with people younger than me and older than me. I found it really interesting and inspiring how people express themselves and interpret something from their brains or in person."


Post graduation plans:

"I plan to go into college for Fine Arts and after that, Childhood development and Psychology."



April Fine Arts Student Spotlight - BAND


IMG 8044




Natalie Bullock

OCHS - Sophomore


Fine Arts Program & Focus:

Band - Woodwind









What does your art mean to you?

"Music is what I spend most of my time on. To me it is not just an activity but an area of which I have met many amazing people that are like family to me. So, Music means mostly everything to me."


Favorite opportunity given by participating in your arts program:

"The indoor and outdoor marching groups"


Post graduation plans:

"I plan to follow music education".




The short 2021 OCHS Indoor season concluded on Saturday, April 3rd after a quick ONE month season for the OCHS Fine Arts students. We are pleased to share their art with everyone and hope you enjoy the show!

Visit to enjoy all 15 submissions!!




VBODASeal medium2

Recently, the OCHS band students submitted online auditions for the 2021 District XIII Honor Band. This year, OCHS had 44 students that were selected to be a part of the Honor Band. Usually, these students would get together with the other students from across our district over a weekend to collaborate, and then they end the weekend with a concert for their families and communities. As with everything else, the Coronavirus has put a damper on this years normal events, however, it does not take away form these students AMAZING accomplishments. Additionally, 11 of these students have earned an All-State audition based on their scores! Our Fine Arts students continue to meet the challenges faced by the restrictions of COVID-19 head-on and continue to excel in their arts!

Please help us congratulate the following students. If you know them, or see them, please give them a heartfelt congratulations for their perseverance, determination, and accomplishments!

*Denotes students who also earned an All-State audition.



Linzey Herndon - 1st chair concert band 



Autumn Morgante - 3rd chair symphonic band 

Emma Harlan - 2nd chair concert band 



*Terri Jones - 7th chair symphonic band

Brody Collier - 16th chair symphonic band

Lauren Basala - 18th chair symphonic band 

Nathaniel Johnson - 6th chair concert band 

Kayla Crawford - 10th chair concert band 

Ethan Hall - 11th chair concert band 

Seth Duncan - 12th chair concert band 


Bass Clarinet

*Shane Lillard - 1st chair symphonic band


Alto Saxophone

*Peyton Courtney - 1st chair symphonic band

Natalie Bullock - 3rd chair symphonic band 


Tenor Saxophone

Johnathan Leitz - 2nd chair concert band 


Bari Saxophone

*Kai Callahan - 1st chair symphonic band

Lucius Rivera - 2nd chair concert band 



Ainsley Simmons - 8th chair symphonic band 

Lucy Babcock - 10th chair symphonic band 

Billy Wright - 1st chair concert band 

Maggie Thomas - 4th chair concert band 

Angelina Smith - 6th chair concert band

Riley Truong - 8th chair concert band 


French Horn

*Hailee Perdue - 2nd chair symphonic band

*Stephen Manchee - 3rd chair symphonic band

*Jasmine Hunsberger - 5th chair symphonic band

Zach Ernst - 8th chair symphonic band 



*Maggie Russell - 2nd chair symphonic band

Tyler Saunders - 5th chair symphonic band 

Landon Williams - 3rd chair concert band 

Will Markey - 4th chair concert band 

Virginia McGlothlin - 5th chair concert band 



Jasmine Humphries - 3rd chair symphonic band 

Brennan Hall - 4th chair symphonic band 

Jason Escobar - 1st chair concert band 

Christian Grooms - 3rd chair concert band 



*Dominic Ramos - 3rd chair symphonic band

Jonah Medas - 1st chair concert band 



*Aiden Koehler - 1st chair symphonic band

Elly Newman - 4th chair symphonic band 

*Ainsley Boyd - 5th chair symphonic band

Evan Grayson - 6th chair symphonic band 

Travis Williams - 4th chair concert band 

John Mason Vines - 7th chair concert band 

Bobby Russell - 8th chair concert band



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